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Arneg Supermarket Refrigeration  

Arneg Supermarket Refrigeration

Arneg USA Designs, manufactures and services premium refrigerated display cases and cabinets for the retail food industry. Our commercial refrigeration equipment is used in supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery shops, convenience and specialty stores, drug stores, cafeterias and restaurants to preserve, store and display temperature-sensitive, frozen, and chilled food products.

Arneg's refrigerated display cases enhance product appeal and visibility, extend food shelf-life and safety, reduce energy costs. We listen to our customers and offer them solutions that satisfy diverse business situations and needs.



All Zero Zone products are designed with our Evolution product brand in mind: they embody the "next step toward perfection." Whether you are buying our energy-efficient display cases or our custom-engineered refrigeration systems, you can be assured that the products you receive are the result of a continuous improvement process that is relentless in its quest for optimum performance, ease of maintenance and long life.